Training Tips with Beach RAID Ambassador Leslie Carroll!

Leslie Carroll from Get Out There Fitness! is offering you some quick and beneficial training tips for Beach RAID 2016! Want more? Join Leslie for our second Beach RAID Bootcamp of the season July 23rd at 7:30am right on Willards Beach in South Portland, Maine! Now there is no excuse to not be completely #RAIDready!

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Step 1 – Find a wall that is about shoulder high and work on pulling yourself up and over it. Jumping down from the top of it and landing. Repeat this exercise 5-10x or until you are comfortable getting over it.

Step 2 – Grab 10-20 lb dumbbells and squat down with weights at shoulders. While in mid move, stand up, press the weight overhead as you come up. Back down slowly and lower the weights down. Repeat this exercise 3x while doing 12 reps each time (On a day with strength do this move 12x with 90 second break in between. Repeat it for 3 rounds).


Walking on a beam practice –

Step 1 – Find a beam to walk on or a log. Before getting onto the beam, lift your chest high and engage your abdominals slightly to keep body stabilized.

Step 2- Turn your feet out slightly to distribute weight evenly

Step 3 – Point your arms above your head toward the ceiling, if this is too hard for you to balance then turn your arms out like airplane wings for extra balance.

Step 4 – Look straight ahead and alternate your feet right left until you get through it!

Step 5 – Repeat as many times as you can until you are comfortable with picking up the pace. Try going backwards , sideways, fast and slow (with the intention to move quickly on it).


Being able to do a quick army crawl is KEY on the Beach RAID course.

Step 1 – Bring one leg up near the side of the torso, while attempting to touch your elbow to your knee. Meanwhile, move the arm on the other side of the body up above your head and bend it at 90 degrees above your head.

Step 2 – Place your weight on the bent arm and the bent leg, pushing your body forward with the bent leg’s foot until your leg is straight and your forward arm comes into contact with your body. ENGAGE your abdominals and obliques to further aid the motion of your arm and leg.

Step 3 – Repeat with the opposite arm and leg.

Step 4 – Set a goal of crawling for several minutes, or set a destination point as a stopping point!


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