Training for the RAID Series 2015!

The groundwork for training to complete the RAID Series injury-free!

The RAID Series obstacles focus on challenging your entire body. They are meant to test your strength, agility, core and balance throughout the course. The participants that have ran the RAID these past few years have proven to us that they were RAID ready! We want to prepare you for the 2015 RAID Series by giving you some training tips that will hone in on the major areas of training to help you race injury-free! We’re sure that most of you have a go-to training routine to either stay in shape or train for races such as ours. Therefore, I’m not going to instruct you on ‘how tos’ about cardio or weight training but I am going to simply stress the foundational areas you should be focusing on to prevent injuries during or after the race.

Your core is called that for a reason! Everything comes off or attaches to the spine so you should be maintaining a strong core will not only prevent frequent injuries but it will improve your strength and how you perform during races. Simple sit ups or timely planks can also really strengthen your core and have it RAID ready in no time.

Next up is legs! Legs are our wheels for our body. Your legs get everything moving and provide a solid foundation while we run and take on obstacles! You’ve probably heard the saying “never skip leg day” and how it is feared by most gym goers and runners but you should never be scared of it because you need it! If you want to become stronger, faster, and ultimately avoid injuries, target those legs! Also, make sure you balance all your leg exercises around all your leg muscles and not just the quadriceps when you’re training your legs. A hamstring pull is NOT a fun experience!

You want to master all the obstacles by building up your arm strength and upper body by using simple weights or regularly doing pull ups or chin ups. You should also realize that monkey bars can be found in your kid’s and neighborhood playgrounds, so release your inner child and go monkey around on the monkey bars to really prepare for your race. Don’t stress entirely on your upper body because without a strong core and legs, you won’t be going very far.

All of the persistent training and working out in the world won’t do a lot if you lack flexibility. Strength comes just as much from flexibility of muscles then it does the size of muscles. If you want to truly excel on the obstacle course, consider adding some sort of Yoga or Pilates into your workout routine.

The term “consistency is key” is so accurate because you cannot expect results without repetition. Of course, results require time, which a lot of people don’t have a lot of in their daily life. Once you find that time and embrace it with repetition and effort, you will get those results you’ve been waiting for! Given the achievable nature of the RAID Series we want to include first-time obstacle course racers and experienced ones as well. Keep in mind that there are always injury risks while taking on all of our obstacles. Also, never forget that along with your strength training routines, you will want to be consistent with that cardio! You won’t get too far on the RAID Series course if you haven’t been combining your strength training with some cardio! Getting into a routine that focuses on strengthening the foundational areas such as core, legs, agility and flexibility will help you storm through the RAID Series injury-free and faster than ever!

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