Beach RAID Ambassador – Anne L’Heureux Nutrition Forum

Introducing Anne L’Heureux, one of our Beach RAID Ambassadors 2016! As a Registered Dietitian and Obstacle Course racer, Anne strives to help people reach their maximum potential through proper training and nutritionAnne believes that proper training includes progression towards a goal in a manner that is logical, well thought out, and safe. I was excited for the opportunity to attend one of the Nutrition Forums that she hosted this past week at Maine Warrior Gym. I quickly realized that she definitely knew her stuff! Her insight and knowledge on Fueling for Performance proves extremely beneficial for obstacle course racers, but can also easily be adapted to athletes of all types.

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How did you get your start into OCR racing?

Back in 2014, a friend of mine came to me and asked if I heard about this Urban RAID race. Having never done an obstacle course race before, I was skeptical. However, once I crossed the finish line, I was hooked!

I decided to expand my newfound passion. So I took part in the Spartan Stadium Series race held down at Fenway Park. This was a great way to break into the more challenging series that they host. After that, I realized that these races were not only challenging and rewarding, but extremely fun! I also think that the balance of cardio and strength makes it a well rounded workout.

When did you decide to become a coach and help people train for these races?

As I grew my interest, as many people do, I bit off more than I could chew. I had signed up for the Spartan Beast in VT. This was a 14+ mile race with over 30 obstacles. Not having trained properly, it resulted in an injury that kept me out of the workout scene for 6 weeks.  I felt like I was back to square one and concluded that I was not properly trained for the race. I began focusing on obstacle based training and strength as well as increasing my runs. Once people started seeing and hearing about my progress, they were intrigued.

They began asking how did you do it? How are you doing it? I wanted to teach them that it’s so much more than just running or strength but how you train for these obstacles you’ll be faced with. It’s such a well-rounded activity to get involved with and helping people train for it is truly rewarding.

When was your first Beach RAID?

It was 2014. It was very interesting because with the Urban RAID you don’t realize how different it would be running on the beach! I trained for running, but had focused more on running at low tide. Then it dawned on me that we would obviously have to run in the deeper sand. What a game changer! But fun regardless! That deep sand in itself is an obstacle which made it much more challenging.

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When it comes to Nutrition, why do you think that it’s important to incorporate that in an obstacle course training regime?

My primary job is a Dietitian. I have the privilege of working in many environments including being a Supermarket Dietitian, working with people living with Diabetes, as well as the elderly population. But my passion is with endurance and sports nutrition!

When I realized that the possibility to become a OCR coach was out there, especially for Spartan race (a name well known), people will understand that I am qualified and capable of teaching them right from wrong on training and nutrition. I also appreciate the quality program that Spartan put me through to become a Spartan SGX Coach. Spartan makes sure that each and every person who receives their certification encompasses the ability to train clients gradually, safely, and sport specific. Once I found out that one of their Pillars of The program was Nutrition, I knew it was the perfect program for me!

What are some of your tips for pre-race foods?

What I like to teach people is the difference between FUEL VS. NUTRITION . Every meal you eat is for NUTRITION, but the Nutrition Forum content reviewed that when you’re preparing to run a race, food is not necessarily for nutrition but for PERFORMANCE. There is a major difference that people that are nutrition minded can have a hard time separating.

Anne’s first slide during her presentation had a motivating quote that many athletes should follow –


This Hippocrates quote is so crucial to understand for athletes and runners of all types. It was a great starting point for Anne at her nutrition forum since it outlined the important points she continued to make about nutrition and performance.

A few vital and informative facts I took away from Anne’s Nutrition Forum-

Determining Your Needs

– Just as you would train from a physical activity standpoint, you should be training for your event from a nutrition standpoint as well. If you’re going to practice running miles and miles at a time, you must be practicing your food and drink to determine what your body needs.
-Your approach is as unique as you! Determining your strengths, weaknesses, hydration needs, etc.
-Macronutrient needs, Energy expenditure needs and being able to differentiate your meals vs. snacks.

Pre and Post Nutrition
– Refueling directly after your race and during a long race is imperative. You want to think about your body. What did I just put my body though? What does my body need right now? Make sure you avoid under fueling at all costs! Listen to your body after you finish a race and save the celebratory pizza and ice cream for later in the day!

Quality vs. Quantity

-The basics. Carbohydrates, Proteins and FLUIDS!
-Carbohydrates are the most readily available source of fuel for the body. The myth that carbohydrates are bad is FALSE!
-Protein assists with muscle repair and can be lean or fatty.
-Fluids maintain blood volume and reduce stress on the heart.

As an athlete, I consider myself fairly educated on training for performance. However, after attending Anne’s seminar I realized how much we can really learn from dietitians and obstacle course racers like Anne. We are lucky to have her as a Beach RAID Ambassador and we encourage you to reach out to Anne about training and nutrition for races like Beach RAID! Additionally, we will be announcing a Beach RAID training and nutrition seminar with Anne in the upcoming weeks! STAY TUNED!!

Want to know more? Anne takes one on one clients at her home as well as through online distance counseling.
(207) 229-6071

Girls on the Run – Maine practice!

For Beach RAID 2016, we have partnered with Girls on The Run Maine for the third consecutive year. I had the honor of attending one of the GOTR practices a few weeks back and it opened my eyes to how truly inspiring the GOTR program really is.

IMG_0961 (1)

Girls on the Run inspires girls in grades 3-5 to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running in every practice. When you think of this program, you think solely about the running program and as did I. I was not prepared for the healthy life skills that were taught through interactive lessons throughout the practice.

I began the practice with a little Q&A with one of the coaches Karen Bean, who decided to be a coach last spring and she expressed to me how her first time coaching was an incredible experience.

“Seeing the girls grow over 10 weeks and seeing the impact we make on them is incredible. Coming back for another year and seeing the same girls come back for the second season and seeing how much they’ve grown in a year is so absolutely rewarding.”

After getting settled down, the girls sat in a circle and the first topic on the agenda was EMOTIONS.
I thought this was a relevant topic to begin with because dealing with emotions at an age where emotions can take over is something that needs to be addressed more often.

One of three coaches at the practice began talking about certain ways to calm yourself down if you’re scared, anxious or mad. She turned it to the girls and asked how they positively deal with their emotions. One girl proudly stated, “I take a deep breath and think of something positive that will calm me down.” I was shocked by the maturity and assertiveness in her voice.

The coach proudly agreed and told them all to do the same and take a nice long, deep breath.

Next up, she asked the girls to give her an example of a recent experience that challenged them to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.

The eldest of the group, a fifth grader expressed that someone was making fun of her and she was thinking about stooping to their level and saying something back but she controlled her emotions and walked away from the situation. I quietly admired her confidence and self-control especially thinking back on what I would have said or done at that age.

Coach Karen praised her answer as she continued to elaborate that dealing with emotions in a healthy way can also help keep our physical bodies healthy too.

The coaches began explaining an exercise they were about to take on called the “Healthy Habits Card.” The girls were probed to get as many signatures on their healthy habits card and ask each one of their teammates what healthy activity they do that was on the card. (See below).

IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_0978

Following the exercise, Coach Karen went over why they participated in this exercise. “Why are healthy habits so important to our physical and mental health?”

“IT KEEPS US HEALTHY AND STRONG!!” – One girl exclaimed while flexing her muscles. Coach Karen laughed and agreed with her. Coach Karen communicated that not only do healthy habits get your body going but also gets your mind and brain going as well.

Once the lesson wrapped up, it was time to run! Since it was raining that day, the girls got to run inside the halls of the elementary school where the practice took place (a rare yet exciting occurrence for the 3rd-5th graders where they are told not to run in the halls). The three coaches set up three stations that the girls ran to where they would perform different exercises for a certain period of time at each station.

Following the exercise, I asked Coach Karen a few more questions pertaining to the Girls on the Run program.

-Does Girls on the Run create a curriculum for each lesson and practice?

CK – They have a curriculum that they give us which differs from the Spring and Fall seasons. The curriculum helps guide the practice in the right direction but our key focus as coaches is to create a relationship with the girls at every practice.

-I noticed that the girls have created nicknames for you and the other two coaches, what is that about?

CK- The girls think it’s funny to make up nicknames that relate to our last names. For instance last season, one of the coach’s last name was D’Allassandro and the girls changed it to Coach Dorito. (The coach’s nicknames at the practice were Coach Marshmallow, Coach Sprinkles and Coach CoCo Puff).

How many Girls on the Run programs are there in Maine?

CK- We have 43 teams at 39 sites in Maine. We are branching out but it takes a lot of work to recruit volunteer coaches for each site.

FUN FACT- The only state in the United States that doesn’t have a GOTR program is WYOMING!

Attending a Girls on the Run practice was a truly rewarding experience. It also made me feel a little jealous that there was never a program like that when I was in school! I am looking forward to joining their annual celebratory 5K to reunite with some of the girls and see the progress they have made!

Learn more about Girls on the Run Maine and their upcoming 5K on June 5th!

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What’s NEW in 2016 for Beach RAID?

There are so many incredible changes happening for Beach RAID 2016 and we couldn’t be more happy to finally share them with you!


Are you or a potential teammate on the fence about registering because you’re concerned you aren’t ready?  This year there are no excuses! Beach RAID will be holding three custom designed beach bootcamp training clinics that will get you completely RAID Ready!  Each clinic will be led by Leslie Carroll-Fleming of Get Out There Fitness who will get you motivated to crush the course and have tons of fun along the way!

Each Beach RAID Bootcamp will be approximately 2 hours long and at the end you will be given a personalized training plan to take home and stay on track along with some great fitness items to help you along the way.

Beach Bootcamp


Saturday, June 25th | 8AM | Location TBD
Saturday, July 23rd | 8AM | Location TBD
Saturday, August 20th | 8AM | Location TBD

All sessions will be held in the Southern Maine within close proximity to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Using your body weight, natural elements and some fitness apparatus, you will get a total body workout that will get you physically and mentally ready for Beach RAID 2016! Sign up here for $15 per class (or $30 for all three!) or just add it on to your Beach RAID  registration!



You asked and we listened! Brand new in 2016, BeachKids will be a 1 mile obstacle course for kids aged 6-12. BeachKids will feature several obstacles from the open race, including the Rollers, Finish Wall, Balance Beams and Cargo Crawl, plus a few new obstacles as well.

The BeachKids race will start at 10am, a half hour before the Beach RAID at 10:30. Parents are absolutely allowed to run with their kiddos during the race (and of course no extra charge for any parents looking to accompany their child in the race). The race will be untimed and special prizes will be given to all of our finishers!

Click here to register for the BeachKids race. Stay tuned for more information on the race as we get closer!

BeachKids Flyer


BeachRAID Ambassador program!

Are you one of our core racers? Do you motivate your friends to join us on the beach every year?  Are you looking to get more involved in this awesome event and help us grow Beach RAID?  Then you are a prime candidate for our Beach RAID Ambassador program.  Ambassadors will receive discounted (and potentially even free!) entry, special Beach RAID schwag and as well a a referral code for your friends that will put $$$ right back in your pocket.  If you are passionate about Beach RAID and want to take the next step email us at for details!

Upgraded Racer Shirt and Finisher Medals:

Racer Shirt: In 2016 Beach RAID is taking our racer shirt game to the next level!
Via social media we are going to let you vote on the design so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Finisher Medal:
Just in case you need a little extra motivation to keep you going in that deep sand this year everyone who crosses that finish line will be receiving a custom Beach RAIDfinisher medal!

Beach RAID returns to the sands of Old Orchard Beach in 2016! Registration opens MONDAY!

monkeybars watersandbag

Mark your calendars because the Beach RAID 5k Obstacle Course race returns to Old Orchard Beach, Maine on September 10th, 2016! Registration for the Beach RAID will be opening Monday, January 25th at 10:00am. We will be returning in an epic fashion with some amazing changes on the way so stay tuned for new updates!

Rally up your friends and join us for the perfect summer ending beach day extravaganza combined with a fitness challenge that you won’t forget! Set against the scenic charm of some of the country’s most idyllic seaside communities, Beach RAID utilizes deep sand, beach themed obstacles and a cycle of punishing boot camp stations. Beach RAID is a uniquely designed fitness challenge that will test the limits of even the toughest competitors. The soft sand will amp up your hard surface running and take your cardio experience to the next level!


The RAID first had the pleasure of meeting Wes Meserve in 2013 at the first annual Urban RAID Boston. He has become a force to be reckoned with at every RAID race and quite frankly, is a freakishly good runner. This year, he is on the top of the Urban RAID leaderboard and is on track to become our 2nd male Urban RAID Champion. Wes took a break from his busy schedule to tell us his story on falling in love with running and dished out some secrets on how he keeps fitness and running incorporated into everyday life.

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1) First things first, when did you begin running and competing in races?

In eighth grade, my gym teacher pulled me aside and told me that I should try out for the Cross Country team in high school. My first thought was, eh I don’t want to run Cross Country, I want to play Football like a lot of other guys wanted to do. However, I tried it out my Freshman   year and absolutely loved it! I ran varsity and made number 6 on the team as a freshman. We also won our division that year and made states and did very good in states. I moved up to number 3 on the team my Sophomore year and number 2 on the team my Junior and Senior years. Where my love for running sprouted in high school, I really fell in love with running during college. I met many amazing people including my teammates and coaches whom helped propel my passion for running. Now, you are only allowed to compete in NCAA sports for 4 years in college and I was at college for 5 ½ years where I graduated with my undergrad in Accounting and Finance and also graduated in 2012 with my MBA (graduate degree). Even though I could not run for the later 1.5 years, I still ran and helped out wherever I could. Running has become a part of my life and has left a major imprint on me. It is like a drug as some people like to say. After running for about 13 years, I have noticed how much I do adore the sport. It is extremely good for your health and keeps you happy, energetic, and looking young. Once you feel that runner’s high, I’m telling you, that you would never want to stop smashing the pavement and burning some rubber.

Now, after school I still wanted to compete and stay active in the running community so I decided to take part in many road races where I compete in anything from 5ks to marathons. I have met many fellow runners who have been great friends to me and will be for the rest of my life. I have had many friends and strangers come up to me and ask what I do and how to get into running and I have taught and mentored them. It gives me great pride to coach individuals about running and how to get and stay in tip-top shape.

2.) How did you hear about the RAID Series? Particularly, what attracted you towards it?

I had never heard about the RAID Series until one of my fraternity brothers in college asked me if I wanted to take part in the 2013 Boston Raid. I checked it out and it looked great so I signed up with him and a few other brothers and I had a great time and was extremely hungry for more. The thing that attracted me towards it is that it was a very unique obstacle race taking place in a city which I had never done before. It was my first 5k obstacle race that I had ever done. I took part in a few Tough Mudders before, but never a 5k obstacle race in a city.

When the race was over, a guy by the name of D.J. Vaughn came up and introduced himself to me. He told me that I did a great job and he would love to recruit me onto his team “The Real McCoys.” And since then, the rest has been history.

3.) What do you believe sets the RAID Series apart from other obstacle course races?

The RAID Series is different from other obstacle course races that I have run before in that they take place in cities, beaches, and previously mountains. Running an obstacle race on a beach is very tough and beautiful at the same time. It was also such a huge coincidence when I noticed the RAID Series had races that took place in Old Orchard Beach. My family and I used to go on vacation every year to this beach on a condo. It is my favorite beach and when I found about this race on the beach, I signed up immediately for it. The Raid Series also has a great after party with Shock Top Beers and an awards ceremony. I also look forward to watching every race’s official video on Facebook.

4.) It looks like your on track to take home the Urban RAID Championship award this season! What does your training routine consist of for the RAID races?

It would be a complete honor to take home the Urban Raid Championship award this season as I have been working extremely hard for this and am ready then every for the race in Boston next weekend. I stick to a pretty strict routine when it comes to my training. Life is very busy and I know many things get in the way, however it is very important that we all get our daily cardio or exercise in. There is always room to work out and stay healthy no matter what the excuses are. I tell everyone to just turn the TV off or wake up 30 minutes early just to get a nice workout in and you will feel so much better! There are many obstacles in life you must overcome on a daily basis but just remember to always get some sort of exercise in!

My daily commute consumes about 3 hours and 40 minutes of my day which is very long, but I still find many ways to get my training in. I usually go for my runs in Boston after/during work around 5/530 and then take my commuter rail train back to my home area. Then I go to my gym from around 8 – 10 and finally arrive home around 1015PM. I usually run from 4-6 days a week. It is also very important to take some time off from running and do some cross training like swimming or biking which can also make you into a stronger runner.

5.) Fitness and Nutrition seem to go hand in hand. Do you follow a strict diet regime to stay in shape for races?

You couldn’t have said it any better! Fitness and nutrition definitely go hand in hand and I do follow a pretty strict diet regime to stay in top shape. I have usually been a pretty healthy eater but my whole world opened up to nutrition just a couple years ago when both my mom and sister got pretty sick for some unforeseen reason. They have both been sick for about 2 years now and come to find out they both have some sort of Lyme disease along with a disease known as Sjorden’s Syndrome which effects your muscles and makes you extremely tired. So, all that being said, my mom has been following a very strict diet in order to improve her situation. She has been seeing a natural healer and nutritionist and has learned a lot from him where she has shared her knowledge with me and buys healthy foods for us to eat. We buy mostly organic foods especially with produce since non-organic foods contain many pesticides. I watch what I eat very carefully and try to get all nutrients and vitamins in that I need on a daily basis.

I eat a lot of fruits, vegies, and nuts on a daily basis. Nuts are a great source of energy that keeps you feeling full longer. On days that I run, I usually cook up some oatmeal or eggs but most of the time just oatmeal since I am on the go throughout the day and don’t have a stove at work to cook the eggs. I also enjoy Fage greek yogurt or homemade granola bars after a nice hard run and/or workout. At night, I usually prep a nice salad or pasta/rice or anything different. I also have pea, hemp, chia, and rice protein powder which I have maybe 3-4 times a week at night (along with dinner) with a smoothie mixed with juice/almond milk and frozen fruit. I used to have whey protein, but realized it was real bad for your body and switched over to the organic protein. Honestly, it’s the best to get sources of protein and all nutrients through whole foods which is why I only have these smoothies a few times per week. I also do not drink dairy milk that much anymore and have been noticing many improvements in my skin and the way I feel! I drink milk here and there but tend to stick with almond and coconut milk that is Non-Gmo. The Silk Company is what I buy. It’s good to try different recipes to keep things interesting.

It is extremely important to not skip breakfast since it is the most important meal of your day. It “breaks your fast” throughout the night. Eating at breakfast helps speed up your metabolism and skipping out on this meal slows it down. I also don’t eat “3” big meals a day but more so graze throughout the day. I eat healthy snacks throughout the day every hour or so and then don’t eat anything for at least 2 hours before I run as to not make my stomach upset.

6.) What has been your favorite RAID race so far?

My favorite RAID race so far this year would have to be the NYC RAID. My friends and I stayed overnight the night before and it was such a great experience to adventure around the city the night before the race. We all ate out at a very nice Italian restaurant and enjoyed the night. NYC was also extremely busy this particular weekend since the Pope was in attendance as well as the UN Meeting taking place all week. NYC was by no means a quiet place this weekend. The views from the island during and after the race were just absolutely breathtaking. After the race, we went back to Manhattan and checked out the 9/11 Memorial as well as the Freedom Tower. We waited in line at the Freedom Tower to take the elevator trip all the way to the 103th floor to see the breathtaking views of the entire city. It is just such an amazing experience to compete in a race on Governor’s Island with such spectacular views!

7.) You seem to take part in all kinds of races, is obstacle course racing your favorite?

I do take part in many kinds of races but I do not consider obstacle races my favorite. I do love to do them because it puts a whole different spin on running and makes it very interesting but I love to road race. I love running 5k’s, 5 milers, and half marathons are a great time as well. But I like to switch it up and run in obstacle races because the atmosphere at these races is incredible with all the runners and the fun you can have at one.

The obstacle racing industry has been booming and has seen the most growth than any other sport including half marathons, marathons, and triathlons. Obstacle racing is a great test of cardio, endurance, and strength where you never know if the “runner” or “gym rat” will win. Sometimes a runner will prevail the winner in a race but may have trouble at certain heavy obstacles. However, sometimes the gym rat will win the race since they have competitive advantage on obstacles. I do think that runners have more of an advantage since you spend most of your time running these races and only have a few “heavier” obstacles to command and conquer. Even though I consider road racing my favorite, obstacle racing is right behind and gaining popularity!

My lifetime goal is to compete in an Ironman. I first have to start competing in triathlons and then try for a half iron. Then I can work my way to an ironman but this is something I must complete at some point in my life.

8.) What advice would you give to a beginner who is considering entering their first RAID race?

I would say you need to make sure to get your running and cardio in. I know a lot of people love the treadmill but stay far away from the treadmill! Treadmills are known to injure runners and you don’t even get the full effect of running while you are on one of those machines. When you run outside you are actually propelling yourself forward with every step whereas on a treadmill, you only shuffle your feet up and down without real propulsion forward. If someone trains on a treadmill, you will not see results as fast as you will when you run outside and you are also increasing your chance of injury. Also, when you run outside you have great views, so it seems like a no brainer and a win win!

9.) Where do you want see the RAID go next?

First, I want to start off by saying that I am extremely happy I have found the RAID Series! I would love to see some expansion in the company. The locations now are great: NYC, Albany, Portland, and Boston for the Urbans and Old Orchard Beach for the Beach Raid. I would like to keep these locations & see more locations for the Urbans. Would be neat to have one in another city like Newport or Providence, R.I. or Portsmouth, NH. Newport and Portsmouth remind me of Portland and Boston where they are cities along the water with great views and great RAID Series venues. The Beach event is also a fun time so would be nice to see another one pop up next year. I remember there was one mountain raid I took part in a couple years ago at Sunday River in Maine. That was a blast, however I have not seen a mountain raid for a year or two and would be nice to see once of these in the next year or two.

10.) Other than it being your hometown! What are you most looking forward to about having the Urban RAID Boston Championship in Boston this year?

It will be a very bittersweet moment for me with this Boston race. Of course, Boston is my hometown so I love it there but it will also be a little sad since it’s already the last race of the year! I think it’s fantastic the RAID Series puts on an obstacle race in the middle of a big city and gives you a little tour of Faneuil Hall and some of the waterfront region. I’m also very excited for the band and the after party! Last year I know the championship was in NYC which must have been a great location as well, but I take a lot of pride in the RAID Series moving it from NYC to Boston this year!


All in all, you can tell running is a very important part of my life. I actually lived overseas in Egypt for 2 years and then Abu Dhabi for 8 years and while it was great living over there, I’m happy to have moved back to the Boston area because who knows if I would have run over there. It was extremely hot and I don’t think they had track or cross country teams out there. When I run, it gives me such a great sense of freedom and escape that nothing else can compare to. I usually like to run for my mom and sister in hopes of them getting healthy sometime soon in the near future. I also run for the city of Boston as this city will always stay near and dear to my heart.

I have been volunteering for the Boston Marathon at the finish line for the past 4 years. April 15, 2013 is a date I, as well as many other runners, will never forget. I was extremely close to the finish line picking up heat blankets for runners when I heard the explosions and witnessed what I saw that day. At first, I thought there were fireworks or something but I knew that was weird because that had never happened before. I looked around and easily could tell these were not fireworks. Something real bad was going on and I was witnessing it first-hand. I did all I could to help until I ran back to my station. This moment will be forever etched in my brain and has given running a whole new meaning to me. I ran the marathon last year and it was such a bittersweet experience to be able to do this. This day woke me up and made me realize how fragile our time on this planet really is. It’s very important to enjoy your life, never take anything for granted and treat others as you would like to be treated. I run with a purpose and am very thankful to have found this hobby 13 years ago and continue to keep it near and dear to my heart.

WinterKids will Brave the Heat at Urban RAID Portland!



The RAID is ecstatic to partner with the WinterKids organization for the third consecutive year at Urban RAID Portland on August 15th! WinterKids has brought outdoor, winter activity to over 100,000 Maine kids! With families, schools, and communities across Maine, WinterKids helps kids to get outside, be active, and have fun! You can donate HALF your entry to WinterKids by selecting the “Premium” entry while registering for Urban RAID Portland! We talked to Nancy Nadeau, the Manager of Special Events at WinterKids and she gave us the low down on the WinterKids organization and their upcoming presence at Urban RAID Portland!


1) Tell us a little bit about the WinterKids organization? How is it organized?

WinterKids makes winter fun! Our mission is to help children develop healthy lifelong habits through educational and fun outdoor winter activities. We offer unique outdoor education programs for families, schools and communities in all 16 counties of Maine. Last year, we reached 21,000 kids with 4.5 staff. Wow!


2) We are thrilled to have WinterKids back on board for Urban RAID Portland 2015! What are you most looking forward to this season at Urban RAID?

We are proud and honored to have the support of Urban RAID Portland for the 3rd year in a row! Our snow cones are a huge hit with racers and spectators, and this partnership is such a perfect fit. Our stakeholders are the same, outdoorsy, active, energetic folks from all over New England. Urban RAID provides participants with a fun way to be introduced to WinterKids, and get involved. Thank you!


3) How important is it for WinterKids to collaborate with a summer based event like Urban RAID? What other summer activities do you participate in?

Winter is our niche, but we promote year-round acitivty for kids and families. More and more, we partner with like-minded organizations in other seasons to ensure kids are active and healthy year-round. Our WinterKids Passport offers and array of winter activity, but holders are also able to receive discounts and deals for summer and fall activities for things like surfing, State Park passes, Rippleffect and more.


4) Last year you brought snow cones for that hot Summer day at Urban RAID Portland 2014! What other tricks do you guys have up your sleeve for the 2015 Urban RAID Portland 2015?

Snow cones are alweays a hit! You might just see a new flavor or two this year…


Register TODAY for Urban RAID Portland on August 15th!